The Civil War represents a central event in American history over which battles continue to be fought today. This course is an upper-level readings seminar. We will examine historical scholarship on the Civil War and Reconstruction. We will begin with an examination of the road to disunion, especially the struggles for and over slavery. For the war years, we will explore the political, cultural, social, and ideological connections between the battlefield and the homefront. This course follows the struggles of the war into the postwar period as various groups attempted to remake the American nation. Finally, we will explore how and why the Civil War and Reconstruction continue to grip the imaginations and the passions of Americans today. As an advanced seminar, this course primarily consists of discussions of assigned readings. Students will apply knowledge from historical scholarship to create an interactive, multimedia, and non-linear historical narrative for the high school classroom. A field trip to downtown Raleigh is listed in the schedule of classes.